Cute things, cute things~ I love cute things~ *Sings happily*

Cotton candy, pink decor, I love cute things, give me more~~~~~

*strolls happily down the street*




Well when they do it again we should juST
-does a punching motion in the air-


Tch, believe me I’ve done that before to a kid~ -an unamused expression- He stared for too long, but the only difference was he kicked me right after, so I kicked him back~

The little shit ran away after that~

-puts his hands on his hips and puffs out his chest flaring his nostrils proudly- I SHOWED HIM.


me when i look in the mirror?

(( This was in my sketchbook for awhile. //casually put this up
I am trash don’t look at me hnnnnn
/)///(\ ))delic4t3m0nst3s

(( This was in my sketchbook for awhile. //casually put this up
I am trash don’t look at me hnnnnn
/)///(\ ))

A message from Anonymous
Lune: my big dragon babyyy!! *drapes herself over his shoulders, nuzzling his face* lemme sleepoverrr~ let me give you loveee~


*flinches, then finds himself placing his hand against her face* No.

*a stern look* Where the hell were you….~ I’ve been trying to contact you for the longest time and you never answered~ *he glared*

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Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh I forgot the wishing of a joyful day of birthing to you! This is outrageous! I apologize for this heinous oversight! ))

(( ksjahajkshajksdh ahhhhh I didn’t see this omg I’m so sorry!! QAQ THANK YOU!!!!!!! <DDDDDDDD ))

Hello Cousin



“ …Cripes where the hell is he?”

Yanci groaned, thinking that he was feeling a little stupid standing out there and looking for this guy and he didn’t even know who the hell he was looking for. He rolled his eyes a little before shoving his hands into her pocket and just entered into the café and looked around. There wasn’t many in there honestly…and it was a little quiet though had a lovely smell to it. He didn’t even know who he was looking for. “ ……” Yanci ventured a little further into the café and continued to look around, politely smiling at some of the women that were there. He continued to walk around seeing another slyveon waiting for someone. He looked around a little bit more…there wasn’t another eveelution there…glancing over once more to check and nope…he was the only one….

No…his cousin couldn’t have been….

He glanced away before the other could even really look at him or make eye contact, feeling his stomach churn a little bit. It had to be him right…right…okay…brace yourself Yanci this…was going to be a doosy. “ …uhhhhhh….Ricktor?” he said, he definitely didn’t sound like he had when they were younger…or even looked like the same Yanci he had grown up with. “ …Hehe…hey long time no see…ya remember me Cuz?”

As calm as he was on the outside…he definitely  sweating on the inside.   


It got to the point where Ricktor started to rock back in forth in his chair, due his horrible impatient character. The people nearby while merely just giving Ricktor creeped out stares as if something was wrong with him. Well….at least they were half right.

He turned his head towards the other people in the café, followed by looking towards the entrance. Every time the door opened, he got anxious, and his tail would wag, but was soon followed by disappointment. But then—

Wait—…..He immediately saw a Sylveon walk into the café. WAS THAT HIM? It wasn’t until he locked eyes with the other. 

He was just about ready to go charging towards the other before Yanci himself headed in his direction. Could it be?—

"AH-….YOU-…" Was he Ricktor he asked? Of course he was Ricktor!

"Y-A-N-C-I-CHAAAAN~!~!~" Ricktor leaped off his chair, only to tackle the other in a tightass hug*

"How’s my favorite cousin doing hmmmmm? Oh my, Yanci you’ve grown muscles here, so firm~!" he chuckled happily with a big grin, squeezing Yanci’s arm, but not too hard.

"Oh no I’m going to start crying- HIC- -HIC- You’ve grown into such a handsome dashing man hnnnnngg~" he wiggled.

Hello Cousin



Yanci tugged at his hat a little as he stood around and looking off from side to side. So he got a call from his old man a couple of days ago…saying that well his cousin was now in town. He hadn’t seen his cousin in forever…another evee in the family that was…well…he was a strange one to say the least. His dad said he had talked to his cousin a little while ago and said that it would be nice to catch up…rather than give his cousin his number it seemed as though his father just set up a little…”lunch date” for the two of them. He rolled his eyes, not even sure what his cousin looked like after all…they had been really young and both unevolved when he had last seen him. He rubbed the back of his neck some what and shook his head.

“ …hope he’s calmed down since then….” He shivered a little bit.  


Ricktor was happily humming a familiar tune from a certain boy band he was in charge of, all the while as he stirred his coffee slowly. His sylveon tail was wagging a mile a minute, honestly incredibly excited for today. Today he was going to reunite with his cousin, whom he had not seen since they were little* Hnnnn~ I wonder what he looks like now~ *he cooed, grinning from ear to ear. This “lunch date” was indeed a good idea*

OOoooh I can’t wait any longer~ I hope he knows where I am~ It should be obvious I’m the only eeveelution sitting in front of this café~ *he pouted, wiggling in his seat*

Seriously though thank you guys~~! ;;v;;

Seriously though thank you guys~~! ;;v;;